This culture produces a lovely thick and creamy yoghurt, with mild to medium acidity.


  • Pure, live culture with no fillers or additives.

  • Consists of specifically selected strains of:

    • a mild acidifying Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus

    • and a low content of fast acidifying Streptococcus thermophilus


  • Making your own yoghurt is very economical as the culture is highly concentrated with each sachet making up to 100 one litre batches of yoghurt!

  • This culture contains NO Bifidus, and is therefore OK for the SCD™ diet.

  • This culture is suitable for the whole family, including the softer palates of children, with a mild flavour and creamy texture.

  • Each sachet is supplied with two sterile jars to keep your culture safely in the freezer and allow you to easily pick up just a small amount on the end of a knife.

  • Free from gluten, peanut, sesame, eggs, celery, mustard, fish or shellfish, sulphites, lupine, soy, and is GMO Free.