The recommended sweetener for all Chai Walli blends. Jaggery is a natural Indian unrefined sweetener sourced from organic sugar cane. It is used in Ayurveda as a natural sweetener and is the go to for chai and many other Indian cuisines. This unique jaggery adds a malty and caramel sweetness that brings out the delicious flavours of the blends without overpowering or unbalancing your brew.

Uppma (founder of Chai Walli) recently went to India and visited an organic jaggery farm to learn more about how jaggery is made. There are no additives, unnatural flavours or preservatives added to this jaggery, it is 100% unrefined natural organic sugar - the perfect complement to a cup of chai!

Ingredients: Organic jaggery from sugar cane.

Dietary Requirements: Gluten free, vegan, natural, organic and preservative free.

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