Servings: The 45g bag makes approximately 20 serves of tea.

The Skin Glow Blend Ayurvedic tea is perfect for those needing a rejuvenating, cleansing tea! 
Lotus leaves combined with rose petals and hibiscus give the Skin Glow tea unique floral notes and a deep pinky/red colour.  Ayurvedic principles have benn used to formulate this tea using natural traditional Indian herbs and spices which are known to detoxify the body so you can bring out your inner glow for the world to see! Perfect for those wanting a herbal tea with great flavour and character.

Instructions: Place 1 heaped teaspoon of tea into a large teapot. 
Add 500ml freshly boiled water. 
Brew for 3 minutes, or longer if a stronger taste is desired. Strain. 
Top up your teapot with more water to enjoy a second infusion.

Skin Glow is: 100% caffeine free, vegan, natural, sugar free and preservative free.

Ingredients: Hibiscus*, rose petals, burdock root*, gotu kola*, lotus leaves*.
*Organic ingredients

Made in Australia

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