This mix of two dry salt rubs with the added fabulous flavour of jaggery (indian sugar) makes for a robust, delicious and mouth watering experience that’s also so easy to prepare when thinking of ideas for dinner!


1 thick rib eye steak*, (at least 3cm thick) and big enough for two to share

1 tablespoon Cracked Black Pepper Sea Salt Rub

1 tablespoon Smoked Paprika Sea Salt Rub

2 teaspoons Jaggery

1 tablespoon Macadamia Oil

How to create:Mix both salt rubs and jaggery together until evenly combined.

Spread the rub all over the steak and let sit for at least 1 hour (overnight if you have the time). Make sure you cook the steak at room temperature for best results.

Heat a heavy based frypan (cast iron if you have one) until very hot – you can test this by dripping a droplet of water onto the pan and seeing it sizzle.

Add macadamia oil, wait a few moments for the oil to heat, and place the steak in the pan. It should sizzle. Allow to cook on one side for 3-4 minutes and then turn and allow the same cooking time on the other side (only turn once!). Then remove pan from the heat, cover with foil and let it rest for around 3-5 minutes or longer depending on how you like your steak.

Slice the steak on the bias and serve with thick cut chips and a fresh salad.


This article was published on Thursday 19 August, 2021.
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