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We are proud to include a new Australian brand to our online store  - Chai Walli, manufacturers of chai & tea blends.

So who is Chai Walli?  Uppma (the founder) is the granddaughter of an Ayurvedic* doctor who specialised in herbs and spices. She is a first generation Indian Australian migrant who left her career as a lawyer to follow her passion to share her ancient family recipes with the world.

Frustrated with the lack of authenticity in the market, Uppma started Chai Walli to educate people on the genuine beauty of Indian teas & spices that her grandfather gifted her with & started blending spices in her parent’s basement recreating her grandfather’s blends.She grew up with her mother’s love of cooking ingrained in her veins & uses her innate senses to balance spices according to their Ayurvedic elements & teach others the Art of Chai.

Leading a team of passionate individuals, Uppma runs her small Australian business with deep values. All the blends are formulated and created by Uppma using her love of natural wholesome ingredients and family recipes. Today, she is proud to have several award winning and well renowned masala chai and spice blends.

Chai Walli is grateful that they can share their ritual of chai and art of creating beautiful blends with you. They care deeply about the suppliers they work with and choose to have a tea farm to tea cup policy, which allows support to some truly amazing tea estates in the Assam Valley of India producing organic and fair trade teas.

A (good) cup of chai is a language of its own, it has the ability to bring calm and excitement all at once and we invite you to join Chai Walli on their journey and to bring the language of chai into your home and heart. They believe their signature chai is the most authentic chai on the market. It is made using only whole spices that are hand blended using traditional Indian practices; this means no liquids, no powders, no preservatives - just natural chai goodness.
Oohh and for that extra Chai hit - they have a Chai Syrup, Chai scented candle and soap.

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Thank you for choosing to support artisan makers like Chai Walli. Your love for quality handcrafted products means that they get to share cultural heritage and age old techniques in a modern light with you and many others.

* Ayurveda

It is one of the most ancient forms of holistic well-being which is still widely practiced in India today.

Uppma balances herbs & spices with the knowledge passed to her from her Grandfather, Dr Pritam Virdi - an Ayurvedic doctor. From him she learnt a deep understanding of Indian spices and their Ayurvedic properties. Chai Walli's conception pays tribute to Dr Pritam's legacy.


This article was published on Saturday 12 September, 2020.
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