This variety of rice was already grown in the nineteenth century, and has been preserved by genealogical selection at Sueca Rice Station (Valencia) since 1929. Is called by many "King De Arroces" by its excellent culinaria quality. In has excellent culinary qualities and a characteristic size. After being cooked the grain does not split open lengthways, with its more, it does not form stodgy lumps and has very pleasant flavour and resistance. The cooking time is 15 minutes and it absorbs 250% of water. Specially it is recommended for the dry rice like: paella, rice to band, black rice. The rice aided under the denomination of origin Rice of Valencia, belongs to the varieties Bay-Senia and Bomb, cultivated in the area recognized by the regulation of the Council Regulator, and they are marketed exclusively in the Extra, controlled Category and certified by the Denomination of Origin, according to the norms it IN-UNITES 45011. Characterized to be pearly rice with great content in starch, which is presented like a white stain, of which comes him the name and that it favors the absorption of the flavor.