A premium grade, dark-brown, aromatic, high oil content, unadulterated nutmeg.

Other Common Names: Muskat, Muskatnuss.

Nutmeg and mace are contained within a yellow to light-brown fleshy fruit resembling a peach that grows on an evergreen tree. Nutmeg, regarded as a sweet spice, is used in sweet dishes, with fruit and in pastries. Compliments vegetables such as pumpkin, carrot and spinach. The nutmeg with shell is dried until it rattles, the thin outer shell is then removed leaving the inner nutmeg. Whole nutmegs should be sound and unbroken with little or no evidence of worm activity. The volatile oil in nutmeg and mace contains small amounts of myristicin and elemicin, which are narcotic and poisonous, therefore they should be used sparingly.

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