The Middle Eastern Tastes Bundle exudes deliciousness! Five favourites included are;

  • Date Syrup
  • Whole Black LImes
  • Spice Mix Aromatic Rice Blend
  • Spice Mix Ras El Hanout
  • Spice Mix Kebab

Exotic Bazaar Date Syrup is one of the best cooking condiments around, with uses beyond baking. Use it to sweeten up coffee or tea--it'll complement just about any dessert you're making as well. This Date Syrup is also a great way to finish off your dishes when they need a dash of sweetness, and goes incredibly well with savoury dishes such as curries. Substitute for sugar with 1:1 ratio. It will give your cakes and biscuits a molassesy flavour.  Or simply drizzle this date syrup on your cereal, weetbix, porridge, or oats to start your day with a breakfast full of antioxidants. Exotic Bazaar's date syrup is made of 100% premium dates cold-pressed to extract the dates' juicy goodness. This pure date syrup has a rich date - ie flavour with a medium sweetness. 
Serves: 15
Ingredients 100% Date Syrup

Persian Lime has a wonderful citrus-like, fermented flavour. Also known as Limoo Omani, Lumi, Black Lime, or Dried Lime this distinctive fruit is only used in dried form to add aroma and tanginess that is a signature to Middle Eastern cuisine. To use, pierce them first to allow the flavour to seep out then add them to soups or stews. You can also brew half a piece in a tea pot for an energising caffeine-free drink. Add one or two Persian Lime to any of our cooking sauces for extra rich flavours. Before serving remove them, or if you can handle intense sour flavours leave them in, and enjoy the burst of flavours in your mouth.
Ingredients: Persian Dried Lime

This Aromatic Rice Spice Mix Blend is mild in flavours, and is a perfect base for many pilaf recipes. Simply mix through 1 tsp of our spice with one cup of rice and cook for a fragrant rice like you have never tasted before. Ingredients: Rose Petals,Coriander Seed, Cinnamon, Green Cumin, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Turmeric

This signature Middle Eastern spice blend is used in soups, tagines, or as a rub for all sorts of slow-cooked or grilled Middle Eastern dishes. Use Ras El Hanout to flavour stir fry and grills.Packed with aromatic and flavoursome spices, this spice will elevate any dish to a whole new level.
Ingredients: Cardamom, Chilli Flakes, Cassia Cinnamon, Coriander, Cumin, Ginger, Paprika Sweet, Turmeric

Persians are famous for tender kebabs and scrumptious grills. The secret is in the balanced sumac based spice that tenderises any protein along with quick high flamed grills. Exotic Bazaar's Kebab blend is their home recipe. With a balance of saltiness, tanginess, and heat, this spice blend is suitable for both vegetarian and meat dishes.Use as a rub by itself or combine with BBQ sauce for all grilled dishes. Best used as an overnight rub, but can also be sprinkled on during cooking.  

  • As a marinade - Combine 4 tsp per 400g of protein with olive oil to marinate and allow the flavours to infuse for as long as possible.
  • On Steak - Rub the spice on the steaks with a bit of olive oil just before frying
  • Veggie/Meat Balls - Mix 4tsp of spice with 400g of mince and one onion and shape into little balls
  • Stir Fry - Add a couple of tsp to your stir-fries, increase the amount with taste.

Ingredients: Organic Black Pepper, Red Pepper Flake, Turmeric, Sumac, Australian Sea Salt


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