Macadamia oil is made from the Macadamia nuts that are native to Australia. The nuts are often salted and roasted or are a common ingredient in chocolates and confectionary. They have an amazing nutty and buttery flavour and the creamiest texture. The nuts are super rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, and Vitamin B.

Now that you have become familiar with the nuts, let us talk about macadamia oil. When we talk about cooking oil, what usually comes to mind is olive oil or sunflower oil or even canola oil. But what you don’t know is that the macadamia oil is also used for cooking.

One of the most prominent features of its increasing use is its high heat capacity, sometimes referred to as a high smoking point. I know what you are thinking; up to a specific temperature, the oil starts burning, and as a result, its taste gets bitter. When talking about macadamia oil, its heat capacity is 210 to 230 degrees centigrade. This is higher than most oils, which means you can use this oil without worrying about change in its taste or the food you are cooking. How convenient is that!

In case you are wondering how you can use the macadamia oil; you will be surprised to know how versatile this oil is. Because of its nutritious value, it is very healthy. It contains good fats that may aid in lowering cholesterol.

The Macadamia Oil on our website is a premium quality product rich in taste and benefits. Natural, premium grade, first cold-pressed macadamia oil. Cholesterol free and the world’s richest source of monounsaturates. The nutty, sweet aroma enhances natural food flavours. It is an essential ingredient for salad dressings, stir-fries, baking and pan frying.

Now let us talk about some ideas of cooking with macadamia oil.

  • Marinade: Macadamia oil is a perfect base for your marinade. Whether you are marinating chicken or lamb chops, the nutty and rich taste will add more flavour.
  • Salad dressing: Give your salad a unique and delicious taste by adding macadamia oil to your salad dressing. The macadamia oil goes perfectly well with Dijon mustard, vinegar, caster sugar, pepper, and salt.
  • Roasting: Planning a Sunday roast? Enhance the recipe by adding macadamia oil. Its rich taste will make a perfect combination with those yummilicious roasted vegetables and, of course, the roast.
  • Stir fry: One of the most significant issues of putting oil in a hot wok is the burning of the oil. But with macadamia oil, you don't have to worry about it. Because of its significant heat capacity, you can forget the oil burning problem completely.
  • Deep fry: Macadamia oil is an ideal choice for deep frying. Because of its health benefits, and the fact that it contains good fats, you don't have to worry about getting those extra pounds.
  • Baking: You might be surprised, but macadamia oil is a fantastic alternative to butter in baking, and the result will be super delicious.

The list of uses and benefits of macadamia oil is long. That’s why start using the oil right now and find out for yourself.

This article was published on Tuesday 30 June, 2020.
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