Let's talk about cooking with Dashi Stock

DASHI is one of the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine. It is a perfect broth packed with richness and outburst of umami flavour that lingers over your tongue, making for a craving for more.

The taste profile of dashi is savoury, but the question that you might be thinking is, where does it come from, or what exactly is in the broth? Is it just like any other chicken stock or broth? Is it a Japanese version of the traditional soup base?

Well, Dashi is often made from the blend of Dried bonito flakes, dried sardines, or a small fish called Niboshi, Kelp, and dried Shiitake, the king of mushrooms. All of the components are well balanced and contain natural umami flavours when simmered in water. Yes, you read it right; they are just simmered in plain water for a minimum of fifteen minutes to release all of their goodness to make one of the bases of the Japanese cuisine. How simple is that!

The source of the umami flavour actually comes from the amino acid-like glutamic acid, inosinic acid, and guanylic acid in the ingredients used. Dried fish like sardines contains inosinic acid, dried Shitake mushrooms as guanylic acid, and the glutamic acid comes from kelp. Each of the acids plays a vital role in invoking the different tasting notes in the spectrum of the umami flavour.

Not all dashi stocks contain all three flavours. Like the Dashi Stock you can buy from our website made from high quality products.  It combines 2 essential ingredients. 1. First grade Hokkaido kelp and 2. Tree grown and sun dried shiitake mushrooms from Kyushu (not the less nutritious ones grown and dried on an industrial scale) . So it is suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Furthermore, it is rich and delicious and is an ideal choice for you and your family!

Now, where to use dashi? Dashi is like any broth or stock, you can use it to make soup, poach fish, or chicken. You can also use it in tempura batter to cook a delicious and hearty bowl of ramen or just a dipping condiment.

For soups, it is ideal for making traditional miso soup and a clear soup base for dipping noodles, yes you can dip in simple, freshly boiled noodles in dashi and eat it. This demonstrates how complex dashi is ...it can penetrate simple boiled noodles with a heap of flavours. You can dip almost anything in it, and believe me, you will fall under its spell.

When poaching lean meat like fish, chicken, and vegetables it gives new depths of flavour without losing the original taste of the ingredient you are using.

The use of dashi seems endless, and the flavour profile is so extensive that it is a must have in your food pantry whether you are a ramen lover or just want to use it as a dipping sauce. One of the best things about dashi is that you can stored in the fridge for weeks, or freeze it into cubes for an extended period.

So, the next time you are thinking what's for dinner? try incorporating Dashi Stock and experience its clean flavours!

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This article was published on Thursday 19 August, 2021.
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