What are your thoughts about saving time while cooking without compromising taste? How about bringing a favourite flavour base of the culinary world into your home to bring soul to your recipes? Yes, we are talking about curry pastes; the intensely flavourful South Asian seasoning which is super versatile! 

However, apart from making a curry, are there other ways to enjoy these fabulous flavours?  Absolutely!

Curry pastes are made by blending various herbs, spices and other natural ingredients to create a rich fragrant paste. They often include ingredients such as turmeric, cumin, black pepper, chilli paste, coriander, ginger and garlic and these wonderful flavours can be incorporated into many recipes.

But are you bored with making the same curries? Want to enjoy these delicious flavours in other dishes but don’t know where to start?

To make things a little easier for you, we have come up with some unique ways for you to get all the more from that jar of curry paste;

  • Soups – A really quick way to add flavours minus the effort for making lip-smacking soups. Try a spoonful or two next time in your pumpkin soup.
  • Noodles – For a different flavour from the usual noodles fare, you can try using curry paste as a flavour base as noodles are great in soaking up the sauce.
  • Salad dressing & condiment – Blend curry paste with vinaigrette dressing, yoghurt or mayonnaise and you have an excellent salad dressing or spread. Mix a spoonful of mayonnaise with curry paste to make a spread which is great for sandwiches, burgers, and tacos. 
  • Seasoning - Add curry paste to your burger, meatloaf and meatball recipes for a spicy kick.
  • Marinade - Consider marinating your chicken, fish, or tofu with curry pastes. Let your food absorb the yummy flavours.
  • Stir Fry Vegetables - Drizzle a few drops of oil on your cooking pan, and put  your veggies along with some salt, and then add a delicious curry paste of your choice. Stir fry everything for some minutes, and the yum is on your plate. Simple, isn’t it?
  • Roasting - Massage the curry paste on chicken, fish, beef or lamb roast. Trust me; this delicious dish will make you keep licking your fingers.
  • Pizza or Pasta Sauce - Do you want some twist in the world-famous Italian dishes? If yes, then try replacing the regular pizza sauce with a curry paste, or add it to your pasta. A pizza base smeared with your favourite curry paste topped with cherry tomatoes, paneer and parmesan – YUM!

So now the question lies where to get a good curry paste from? Well, Online Gourmet Food offers a wide range of the best quality curry pastes produced by wonderful Australian brands including Charmaine Solomon, Goan Cuisine, Turban Chopsticks and Spicecraft.

These flavour-packed pastes are made with authentic herbs & spices which taste delicious. And the best thing is that they are made using completely natural ingredients devoid of any harmful preservatives or artificial colours. Some are also gluten free and vegan.

Do not limit the ways you can use curry paste. Try experimenting with ways to cook with curry pastes … think outside the box and ideas are sure to flow!

So why wait? … buy your favourite curry pastes here and ENJOY!



This article was published on Friday 11 September, 2020.
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