SAORI Japanese sauces Online Gourmet Food

5 satchels x 5 servings

SAORI Premium Japanese Dashi Stock...100% natural Japanese stock. Use like a tea bag whenever stock is needed! It is a fantastic source of vitamins & minerals. So why don't you switch to SAORI Dashi Stock and get all that goodness into your body..,as well as enjoying totally delicious meals.

Instructions: put 1 satchel in 500ml cold water in a saucepan. Heat until boiling then simmer for a further few minutes to infuse full flavour. Ideal for miso soup, noodle soup or simply use it as a healthy alternative to all other stocks.

It is fantastic for flavouring Japanese hot pots such as "Shabu Shabu", "Nabe" or "Sukiyaki"

Ingredients: Kyushu mushrooms, Hokkaido kelp

Gluten Free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Product of Japan for SAORo Japanese Sauces