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Date and Butterscotch 400g Pudding with Brandied Butterscotch Sauce (GF)

A most popular combination. You will love it!

You will never have custard on your Pud again once you have tried this Butterscotch Sauce. This is the equivalent of double happiness and will leave you begging for more.

Pudding Ingredients: Dates (18%), Raisins, Sultanas, Sugar, Bread [wheat flour, water, salt,yeast, veg.oil (soya bean), mineral salt (170), emulsifier (481), soy flour, flour treatment agents (300),enzyme (amalyse), antioxidant(E307), antifoam (900), thiamin], Eggs, Butter, SR flour, Apples,Oranges, Butterscotch Liqueur, Vanilla Essence, Salt

Also available with the Gluten Free Date and Butterscotch Pud

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