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Love Butter Chicken?

Make a restaurant quality Indian feast for six from scratch. Top quality ingredients, beautiful presentation and outstanding results.

Cook with authentic ingredients and the original 70 year old Butter Chicken recipe from the Delhi restaurant that first invented this dish.


Indulgent, restaurant quality Butter Chicken served with luxurious Saffron Rice, some crispy Poppadums and a creamy/crunchy Tomato Boondi Raita on the side.

Serves 6  This beautifully packaged kit comes with the original Butter Chicken recipe from the restaurant that invented the dish, along with top quality ingredients pre-portioned for delicious results in your kitchen.

Enjoy your delicious curry with piles of fluffy Saffron Rice made using Aged Basmati Rice and Persian Saffron included in the kit along with ready to cook Poppadums and gently spiced Boondi Raita.

You also get a fun, beautifully illustrated recipe book that makes cooking the meal as much fun as eating it. This generous meal four takes an hour and fifteen to make. Perfect for a long family lunch or a special dinner with friends.

Inside the Meal Kit

  • Chicken marinade spice pack,
  • Two Butter Chicken sauce spice packs,
  • Dried fenugreek leaves,
  • Sliced almonds. 
  • Aged Basmati Rice,
  • Small jar of 100% Pure Persian Saffron,
  • Sachet of Boondi
  • Pack of 8 Poppadums (ready to cook),

The kit comes with a beautifully illustrated and easy to follow recipe book packed with stories behind the dishes and ingredients.  

You will need

  • Skinless chicken thighs
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Lite cream (thickened)
  • Coriander
  • Small can of Tomato paste.
  • Butter, honey, salt, sugar and a tomato.


  • If you're not cooking for 6, Butter Chicken freezes really well for up to 3 months so you can get multiple meals out it. In fact it tastes even better the next time. 

  • If you prefer a milder flavour, especially with kids, cook the Butter Chicken as per the recipe, then add in a few dollops of cream just before serving. This way you can adjust the heat to individual preferences.  

  • It is highly recommended to use light thickened cream as the fat in full cream will dull the spices.

  • The Saffron Rice in this kit is a revelation. We promise once you’ve tried this technique, you won’t make rice any other way.

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