Olive Tapenade - Online Gourmet Food

A rock star olive tapenade from David Bitton's days working in the glamorous city of Cannes. Toss spoonfuls through roasted vegetables, add to a pizza with lamb, goat's cheese and tomato or use to spruce up a cold meat sandwich. Serve with a homemade mayonnaise on some crusty sourdough. Bon appetit

Serving Suggestions

  • Perfect for antipasto plates and as a dip.
  • Add to your favourite pizza topping.
  • Transform into a sandwich spread by mixing one part tapenade with two parts premium quality mayonnaise.
  • Mix a little with olive oil, lemon juice and season with sea salt for a delicious green leaf and tomato salad dressing.
  • Pan fry kingfish or blue-eye fillets and serve with tomato salsa and a generous spoon of tapenade.
  • Olives are a wonderful accompaniment to lamb.
  • Place a dollop on barbecued lamb cutlets or a freshly cooked loin or lamb rump.
  • Stuff a deboned leg of lamb with spoons of tapenade and slices of prosciutto before roasting.
  • Spread liberally on Turkish bread.