Mother Megs Assorted Sweet Biscuits - Online Gourmet Food


Almond Butter Balls 120g
Our famous Almond Butter Balls are hand rolled into charming balls of sheer delight. Dusted with pure icing sugar, these unique petite fours are the perfect accompaniment to a freshly brewed coffee.

Biscotti - Cranberry & Pistachio 120g
This delightful combination of tangy cranberries and crunchy pistachio nuts lends itself to a mild Italian summer afternoon in the speckled shade of a quaint courtyard indulging in coffee and sweet delights. A truly elegant European delicacy.

Rum Balls 120g
With lashings of creamy condensed milk and generous pourings of pure overproof rum, these traditional balls will delight family and friends at any time of the year.